Recurring events


Our recurring events

Viking summer

The popular Viking summer activity at VikingaTider on Thursday to Sunday each week during the summer season. Experience the Viking Age as it may have been to most people -- try out crafting, partake in the daily activities at the farm and learn more about an exciting breakpoint in the history of Scandinavia. Storytelling and myths, life and death, levity and gravity.

An adventure for the entire family! Guided tours are held in Swedish and English. 

Fröja Thing

On one weekend every year merchants, craftsmen, Vikings and other travellers gather at Lödde å to trade, exchange news and socialize - like people did here a 1000 years ago. At the time Lödde å was an important trade route and home to a teeming marketplace that drew people from near and far every year.

VikingaTider offer you a journey back in time to early Scanian history. Experience music, the mood and fellowship in an authentic and beautiful environment during Fröja Thing.

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Other activities

Live as a Viking

Go on a trip a 1000 years back in time at Sigrids farm. Live, experience life and eat like a Viking did. Experience chores, fun activities and cool stories. If you are eager for an experience beyond the ordinary, book your activity now!

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Our thematic guided tours



Go on a guided tour through our beautiful scenic cultural landscape, with a focus on ornithology. 


Go on a guided tour through our beautiful scenic cultural landscape, with a focus on bothany. 

Causerie tour

Our very popular causerie tours for seniors. 


Did you know you can book your own guided tour, tailormade to suit your wishes?  Contact us for more information.