VikingaTider Programme 2023


30 april

Walpurgis night 11-17

We serve hotdogs, ice cream, warm juice and coffee. 

Viking games, archery and competitions at Idavallen between 11-16.

Display of Friser horses.

15.00:  Bonfire with poem reading, songs and music.

Free entrance.

The shop is open between 11-16.

8 maY

International Viking day

13.00:  Poem is read at Idavallen -- The Viking year begins.

13.30: The tale of the year is published on Facebook. 

30/4, 14/5, 28/5, 11/6, 25/6, 9/7, 23/7, 6/8, 20/8, 3/9

Flea market

From May until September we arrange talegate flea markets at VikingaTider every other Sunday. Come and bargin hunt among the exciting items, or get rid of some of your own old stuff and earn a bit of money. 

Our museum shop is open and offer fika at a cheap price.

Open 10-14
Price for sellers: 130 SEK

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2 - 6 junE

Marine archaeological weekend

On June 2-6 2023 there will be archaeological dives in Lödde å, lectures about the history of the area and more. See the programme below.


”Archaeological Open Air Museum VikingaTider” in Löddeköpinge
”Scandinavian Viking Explorer Group” (SVEG)
”Marinarkeologiska Sällskapet”(MAS)

The event is performed in collaboration with "1000 years along the stream", a Leader project in Kävlinge municipality. Archaeological experts with a focus on Lödde å and Scanian Viking Age and early Medieval times will participate. 

Aim of the project

Charting of  ”Lödde kar” and taking samples of found timber for dendrochronological dating of the remains. 
Sonar charting and diving to locate and examine wrecks in Lödde å. 

There will also be several interesting lectures held about the history of the region.

Programme & info

6 junE

National day of Sweden

Programme coming soon.

24 junE

Summer solstice

The shop and café is open.

  • Bonfire with poem reading. 
  • Storytelling.
  • Viking games.

Programme coming soon.

1 july - 27 august

Viking summer 11-17

The popular Viking summer activity at VikingaTider, Thursday to Sunday each week during the summer season. Experience the Viking Age as it may have been to most people -- try out crafting, partake in the daily activities at the farm and learn more about an exciting breakpoint in the history of Scandinavia. Storytelling and myths, life and death, levity and gravity. An adventure for the entire family!

Guided tours are held at 13.00 and 15.00 on both Swedish and English.

The museum shop and café is open.

More information coming soon.

14 - 16 julY

Fröja Thing

A Viking market for all ages.  From near and far people will gather for a meeting between the Viking Age and present day, at a site that has an exciting history as and important trade route. 

The market offers everything from professionally made crafts and selling of Viking-related objects, to good food, fun activities and pleasant entertainment.

Programme coming soon.

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26 julY, 2, 9, 16 AND 23 august

Stories by the stream

Sagas and stories about the river "Lödde Å" and its history and importance. Join us on a journey back in time  a 1000 years, or even futher back.

12.00 - 14.00 - free entrance - we meet at the large feast hall.

An EU Leader project.

27 august

Archaeology day

We show film and images from our marine archeology projects in 2023


Guided tours at 13.00 and 15.00

 10 september

Culture days

The Culture days with the harvest feast at VikingaTider. 

Activities for children, bonfire and poem reading at Idavallen. 

The museum shop and café is open.

9-10 december

Jol at VikingaTider

Bonfire and poem reading. 

Activities in the feast hall, Vikings at the Hedeby site. 

Programme coming soon.