Viking environments

History brought to life

Our vision is to recreate the world that once was in Löddeköpinge, and with 250 000 sqm of land you can do a lot. By the parking lot you will encounter our exciting shop where you, like the Vikings before, can discover treasures from near and far. Here you will also find an exhibition hall to learn more about the colorful history of Löddeköpinge.

Follow the winding paths down through the historic landscape and discover our recreated buildings. Here you will find farmhouses and workshops and wide pastures with grazing animals. A feast hall towers above the fields and invites to feasts, and throughout the site hundreds of trees have been planted to, eventually, recreate the landscape as it once was. In the future we also plan to reconstruct a mighty stave church and erect a modern building with room for exhibitions and conferences – Kulturborgen. 

We weave together the past and present and welcome everyone, locals and travellers from afar alike. VikingaTider is growing and we hope you want to join us on the journey...


Meet Löddeköpinge ... 

... as a 1000 years ago​

In Löddeköpinge one of the earliest stave churches in Scania was found, surrounded by a grave site, at the very site where VikingaTider is located today. Here the bustle of everyday life is recreated in our rebuilt Viking Age environments, based on archaeological finds discovered in the area.

As visitors you will be greeted by an authentic environment at Sigrid's farm and are invited to join in the everyday chores by our knowledgeable archaeologists and guides. Our ongoing driving force is to enchant with tales about ancient times that are still relevant today. Tales about the hardship of everyday life, but also the joys of life - about the ordinary person both then and now.

"Gate of Scania" 

A film about the early history of Löddeköpinge

Learn more about why the Vikings settled along the Lödde å stream, about their buildings, crafts and trade. The film "The Gate of Scania" offers an insight into the earliest history of the region and consists of five parts.

Watch part 1


VikingaTider - now and ahead

VikingaTider is an archaeological open air museum for the whole family. Throughout the years we have been visited by thousands of school pupils, held fully booked summer camps and received tourists of various nationalities who have experience the authentic atmosphere at the farm during our Viking summer.

Our annual Viking market Fröja Thing draws curious visitors of all ages. VikingaTider is mostly open to visitors during the summer season, but will arrange special events all year around.

VikingaTider is operated by the association Viking Foundation, a politicially and religiously unaffiliated non-profit organization. The board of the association is made up of representatives of business, culture and the local municipality.