Rules for Vikings

Quality assurance and rules

The archaeological open air museum VikingaTider is located in Löddeköpinge in Sweden by the stream Lödde å. It it made up of different geographic locations:

  • The contemporary area with the square, shop, café, exhibitions, motorhome site and parking.
  • The activity sites with the feast hall Löddetofta, Idavallen and the warrior training ground.
  • School activity sites.
  • Hiking trails and the rune trail.
  • The Viking Age area with Sigrid's farm and the Viking marketplace.

These rules exist to ensure everyone has an enjoyable stay here and can experience a genuine Viking atmosphere.

 Sigrid's farm 

  • At Sigrid's farm and the marketplace it is the Viking Age around the clock, with the exception of early morning when brushing teeth, having breakfast and cleaning up should take place. Nothing modern should be visible to visitors here during daytime. Anything modern should be concealed before 10 in the morning. During sleep hours you are of course allowed to use modern amenities. 
  • For security reasons the museum staff is equipped with mobile phones. Visiting Vikings however must not use phones in the museum area except at a specifically assigned location that also serves as a smoking area. No smoking is allowed except at specifically assigned locations (backyard of the dragon hose and the side of the shop towards the church).
  • Cooking food in the area should be done with time-typical implements and to the extent possible using such food items as were available at the time. Drink from a horn, mug or jar. The table should be set with time-typical material. No modern packages, plastic bags or beer cans. Modern food should be eaten at assigned locations and during times when the museum is closed to visitors. We do not want to see a Viking with a hamburger in their hand in front of visitors. 
  • We strive to provide an experience faithful to the Viking Age in our Viking environments. Modern furnishings, tools, tents, striped awning cloth etc are not permitted.
  • Your own tent is considered a free zone from the above rules, under the condition that everything modern is well concealed and the tent it kept closed.


Selling products

  • The products should not have visible price labels made from paper. a piece of cloth or leather with the price written on it is allowed. 
  • Signs with group names or products on them does not work in the Viking Age. The same applies to visible business cards, iZettle and the like. These should be used discretely. 
  • Only replicas of Viking age items may be sold. This does obviously not include souvenir items like beer openers with horn handles, porcelaine mugs, glass honey jars, oil bottles etc. 
  • Crafted items with your own Viking Age design, done with time typical ornamentation, shape, form and function are allowed. 
  • We believe you should honestly be able to declare the source of your products. This allows people who have spent ours creating their own products to compete with those producing simpler copies. You should be able to tell about an eventual historical find the object is inspired by, where it was found and if the product is an exact copy or if it has your own modifications.

Prices of products

You may choose your own prices for the objects you sell. Since VikingaTider is a meeting place for Vikinga we will not reqire a share of your profits. 

Everything you bring in from your trade will thus end up in your own money bag.