School visitor rules

Rules for visiting schools

To ensure a nicer environment for us all during your visit we at the open air museum Vikingatider have a few rules that must be followed:

  • The Viking educator is responsible for the activities and teaching.
  • The teacher is responsible for the behaviour of the group during the visit and shall be present to assist if necessary. 
  • You may be in the historic environments without the educator - i.e. before or after the school activity.
  • We are not responsible for your valuablesValuables should not be left unsupervised at places where you put your bags. 
  • Respect the animals living in the area. Leave them alone and do not chase them.
  • Brought food may be eaten at a location indicated by the museum educator. 


Responsibility of teachers/adults

Sadly there has been some vandalism and theft in the past during school visits to the museum. Thus we need to point out that accompanying teachers/adults are responsible for the actions and behaviour of individual pupils in the museum area. If any pupil vandalises and steals from the museum area the school will be liable for compensation and may be reported.

If these rules are not followed we reserve the right to cancel the visit for the whole group, with full charge.