The surroundings


The VikingaTider area

Here the open air museum VikingaTider is recreating the world that once was in Löddeköpinge a 1000 years ago.

Our motorhome stopover site is located by the parking lot along with our gift shop and small café. The stream Lödde å is snaking along the edge of our 250 000 sqm large grounds. Here you may hike down to the stream and have a picnic by the bridge. Follow the winding paths to the historical landscape and discover our reconstructed Viking Age buildings.

Here you will find Sigrid's farm, a reconstructed Viking Age environment with farmhouses and wide pastures with grazing animals. A feast hall is towering above the fields, and we have planted hundreds of trees throughout the area to recreate the landscape as it once was.

In the future we have plans to reconstruct a mighty stave church, and build a modern structure for exhibitions and conferences  – Kulturborgen.

We weave together the past and the now and welcome locals and visitors from afar alike to visit us.