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This page is for you who want to participate at our various events. If you are interested in selling your Viking-inspired goods, crafting, experimental archaeology or in Viking re-enactment this page is for you.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping out with any of our events.

Be a volunteer at Vikingatider

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer is simple a person who is so interested in their subject that they are willing to spend time and energy to work with it for their personal satisfaction alone.


Do you wish to be a volunteer?

Are you interested in the Vikings and the Viking Age and want to live and work in a historic environment? 

Vikingatider is an archaeological open air museum. This type of museum is fairly common across europe. Like other such facilities we depend on enthusiastic interns and volunteers to populate our Viking Age environments and ships.


Do you wish to teach the Viking Age?

Something for you?

  • If you are interested in participating as a caftsman, theatre, educator or role playing leader in our living environment you are welcome at VikingaTider. 
  • If you are a craftsman with knowledge in textiles, leatherworking, ceramics, cooking or working with metal and wood. 
  • There are many other crafts we would like to show off aside from those mentioned above. Such as working with bone and horns, musical instruments, rune carving, basket weaving, salt production or amber working. 
  • Aside from craftsmen there is also room for volunteers who want to participate in improvised theatre, cultivations, games and activities. For this you only need to be accommodating, outgoing and curious. 
  • You are dedicated and enjoy talking to people, keeping in mind that our visitors will have their experience through you and your knowledge.
  • You learn quickly and enjoy working in a team on site. 
  • If you have previous experience from other museums, tourist organisations or the like this is of course a benefit.
  • The Viking Age was very global and multilingual. It is a benefit if you know different languages. Aside from Swedish we also look for people who can speak English and German.   


Our activities to bring history back to life takes place on the farm and historic environments. We work in time-typical "Viking clothing" and only use historically accurate tools and methods. 

If you have your own Viking tent there is room for you to make your own camp. Otherwise you can live and sleep in some of our Viking houses, if you so desire. 

You will have access to showers, toilets and a kitchen with a fridge for your own cooking.  To make it simple for everyone the shortest time someone may participate as a volunteer is one week, including free time.



How to become a volunteer

Tell us you are interested well in advance of when you want to participare. You can contact us by e-mail at Specifgy who you are, your interests and any skills or knowledge you have. We accept volunteers during the period 25 July to 12 September.

If you do not have any Viking clothing on your own you may borrow a suitable outfit from the museum. 

For more information and practical questions please contact us: