Fishing in Lödde å

Fishing in Lödde å

The land along Lödde å at Löddeköpinge is easily accessible, and a good place to find large perch and pike for fishing. 

To fish within the area you need a fishing license card. The card is valid for the holder and their spouse. Children below the age 16 do not need a fishing card. 

Obtain fishing license

Fishing license cards can also be bought on site in Löddeköpinge at:
Lödde Båt & Kanotcenter, +46 70-546 54 25
Shell gas station Löddeköpinge, +46 46-70 50 90
ICA Supermarket, +46 46-706170

Fishery management area

The Lödde å is a stream with plenty of fish and a popular destination for a growing number of recreational fishermen. 

The Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns  fisheries management area was formed in 1990 to coordinate management of fishing in the stream. The association manages making fishing accessible to the public through the sale of fishing license cards. This is used to manage and monitor sustainable fishing. 

The area consists of all mainstream water in the stream from the mouth up to and including Lilla Harrie.

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