Live as a viking

Live as a viking

Live as a viking on...

Sigrid's farm

Join us on an overnight adventure in the world of Ylva and Orm. At Sigrid's farm you will experience the true life of a viking! Learning craftmanship, games and other everyday life activities of a Viking. Choose between different activities such as archery, visit the blacksmith or learn to carve in wood. Take a stroll in the vast landscape, pass pastures with cattle. Follow the long wooden bridge down to the river to paddle, fish or take a cooling swim. When you get hungry, the wilderness guide will assist you in making a fire to cook your dinner. And after a day full of exciting activities, make yourself at home in your cosy viking house. The morning that dawns is full of new adventures.

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At Sigrid's farm you can take part in a great overnight stay adventure. When you step over the threshold to VikingaTider, you'll leave the present and travel a 1,000 years back in time. On 25 hectares of landscape full of wildlife, we recreate an authentic viking age world and offer knowledge and experiences beyond the ordinary.

As a visitor, you'll always have access to free parking. If you travel by public transport, it's easy to get to and from the museum.

Do not miss out on our exciting museum shop! Here you will, just like the vikings, discover treasures from near and far. Browse amongst souvenirs, jewellery, toys, exciting literature and much more. If you feel like cheating during your ancient everyday life, you can sneak of to the café. Here you'll find popular modernities such as cooling ice creams and steaming fresh coffee.

This is included in the price:

1. Set of viking clothes to borrow during the stay.

2. Overnight stay at Sigrid's Viking farm in an authentic house.

3. Cooking over an open fire. The price includes a food basket with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your wilderness guide shows you how to make a fire in an authentic way.

4. Try pre historical crafts and activities. Together we will find what suits you best.

5. Opportunity to paddle, fish and swim in Lödde river. Sail along the river, just like the vikings did a thousand years ago!

6. Guided tour and free access to the entire area for you to explore nature and culture as one, with a 1,5km long path to walk along.


1 night - 4000 kr

2 nights - 7000 kr

3 nights - 9000 kr

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PLEASE NOTE! The cottage that we currently are renting out is adapted for a maximum of two adults and two children.