The Viking Times

- then and now

Where history happens

Our vision is to recreate the world that once was in Löddeköpige, and with 250 000 square meters area there are many opportunities. At the parkering lot you'll see our office buildnings and our museum shop where you'll, just like the vikings, discover treasures from near and far. Here you'll also find our exhibition hall where you can learn more about Löddeköpings intriguing history. Afterwards, take a walk on our crooked paths down to our historical scenery and experience our reconstructed buildings. Here you'll find farmhouses and craft stalls, vast meadows and grazing animals. In the distance you'll see the great feasting hall standing tall, inviting people for a magnificent party. All around the area, hundreds of trees have been planted and will, in the future, recreate the landscapes as it was one a upon a time. In the future, we will also recreate a mighty stave church and a state of the art, modern, building wit exhibitions, conference rooms, hotel, shop, resturant and much more.

We connect the past with the future and welcome locals as well as travelling tourists. The Viking Times is growning, and we hope to see you with us on the journey.

Meet Löddeköpinge

... as it was a thousand years ago

In the village of Löddeköpinge one of Scanias oldest stave churches was located next to a large graveyard on the same site as The Viking Times is built today. Here, with archaeological findings found in the area,

we recreate everyday life in our reconstructed viking aged settings. As a visitor, you'll meet an authentic environment at Sigrids farm, where we invite you to participate in the daily chores togheter with our  knowledgeable educators and guides.  Our perpetual drivning force is based on our goal to engage with stories about prehistoric age that are relevant to our lifes now. Stories about everyday hardships and the joys of life - about the common people then as now.

"Porten till Skåne" 

- A video about Löddeköpinges early history

Learn about why the vikings settled bosatte at Lödde river, about their buidlings, crafts and trade. The film “Porten till Skåne” consists of five parts and gives you a insight into the early history of the district

The Viking Times

- then and now

The Viking Times is an archaeological open-air museum suitable for all ages. During the years of our exitence we have been visited by thousands of school children and have arranged fully booked summer camps. We have also met tourist from all over the world who, during Viking Summer, have had the opportunity to experience an authentic atmosphere on the farm.  Our yearly viking festivale  Fröja Thing attracts curious visitors of all ages.

The Viking Times are mostly open for visitors during the summer, but we arrange events thoughout the year. The Viking Times are run by the association "Föreningen Viking Foundation", an organisation free from political and religious dependence and without interest in financial profit. The board of the association is composed of representatives from business, culture and the municipality.

And you are more than welcome to get in contact with us!

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