SVEG Experimental archaeology

About experimental archaeology

Experimental archaeology is a form of research associated with the reconstruction of ancient environments and living. Through practical application of historic source material and finds and reconstructions attempts are made to understand how archaeological finds were used, preserve traditional construction and crafts techniques and test hypotheses. 

Though trying as much as possible to stay true to information from historical source and archaeological finds sometimes compromises are needed, if the source material is limited or to conform with modern laws and rules.

Archaeologist Anders Ödman at the University of Lund Institution of Archaeology is one of the forerunners within the field of experimental archaeology. University courses of the subject have given experimental archaeology as a field greater academical acceptance. 

The SVEG association has for many years been involved in various projects within the field of experimental archaeology. Below you will find a few examples from the association's website. Please note that most of these pages are only available in Swedish: